Polymerization Catalysts

Value-added compounds such as revolutionary pharmaceutical products and state of the art electronic materials have increasingly complicated structures, requiring numerous processes for their synthesis. Organic synthesis utilizing organometallic reagents, helps to reduce the number of processes through specific reactions, thus decreasing costs and thereby making organometallic reagents indispensable. Tosoh Finechem is in fact a leader in the manufacture and application of organometallic reagents, due to our considerable expertise in handling organometallic compounds developed through the production of polymerization co-catalysts. We are especially adept at taking organometallic reactions developed in our laboratories and quickly scaling them up to a commercial level of production. This is because we can meet the rigorous manufacturing demands of cryogenic reactions on the order of -80ºC, the use of Class 5 hazardous materials, and reactions using Class 4 hazardous materials (special inflammable materials).