Fluorine Compounds

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Tosoh Finechem Corporation’s unique hydrolysis process for the conversion of 1-chloro-2,2,2-trifluoroethane (HCFC-133a) has enabled the company to become the world's largest and most competitive supplier of 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol (TFEA). Our quality is the world standard. TFEA has various applications which include intermediates for pharmaceuticals and anesthetic products.

Besides 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol, Tosoh Finechem Corporation is a recognized expert in fluorochemicals. Other products include fluorinated alcohol, fluoro monomers, and a variety of fluorinated agents for the pharmaceutical, coating and agrochemical industries. Recent work has focused on the development of halon replacements including CF3I. 

75-89-8 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol
461-18-7 4,4,4-Trifluoro-1-butanol C4H7F3O TFBOH
2314-97-8 Iodotrifluoromethane CF3I
2-Iodo-1,1,1-trifluoroethane C2H2F3I TFEI
461-17-6 1,1,1-trifluoro-4-iodobutane C4H6F3I TFBI
375-50-8 1,4-Diiodooctafluorobutane C4F8I2 C4-DI
375-80-4 1,6-Diiodoperfluoro-n-hexane C6F12I2 C6-DI
18599-22-9 4-Bromo-3,3,4,4-tetrafluorobutene C4H3BrF4 BTFB
678-65-9 1,4-Divinylperfluorobutane C8H6F8 C4-DV
1800-91-5 1,6-Divinylperfluorohexane C10H6F12 C6-DV
431-46-9 Trifluoroacetaldehyde methyl hemiacetal C3H5F3O2 FAL-Me
352-87-4 2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl methacrylate C6H7F3O2 Fluorester®
25597-16-4 Ethyl 4,4,4-Trifluorocrotonate C6H7F3O2 ETC
122665-97-8 4,4-Difluorocyclohexanecarboxylic acid C7H10F2O2 DFCC
178312-47-5 Ethyl 4,4-difluorocyclohexanecarboxylate C9H14F2O2 EDFCC
54-20-6 5-(Trifluoromethyl)uracil C5H3F3N2O2 TFU 
3932-97-6 2,4-Dichloro-5-trifluoromethylpyrimidine C5HCl2F3N CFP
203866-13-1 N-tert-Butoxycarbonyl-cis-4-fluoro-L-proline C10H16FNO4 BFP
203866-14-2 N-tert-Butoxycarbonyl-trans-4-fluoro-L-proline C10H16FNO4 iBFP
81290-20-2 (Trifluoromethyl)trimethylsilane C4H9F3Si CF3-TMS
107263-95-6 N-Fluoropyridinium triflate C6H5F4NO3S FPLUS-T500
140623-89-8 N-Fluoro-2,6-dichloropyridinium tetrafluoroborate C5H3BCl2F5N FPLUS-B800
358-63-4 Tris(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)phosphate C6H6F9O4P TFEP
1461621-96-4 Bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl) N,N-diisopropylphosphoroamidate C10H18F6NO3P PF-37