Electronic Grade Organometallics

We produce materials of ultra-pure organic metal used in optical devices like lasers and LEDs, and electronic devices such as the high-frequency transistors found in mobile cellular phones. Ultra-pure organic metals are used as raw materials in the MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) process, a technique required for depositing metal crystals in compound semiconductors. Unlike silicon semiconductors, compound semiconductors have light emission and reception capabilities. In terms of electron mobility, they surpass silicon semiconductors in high-speed behavior.

Tosoh Finechem began producing super-pure organometallic compounds for use in semiconductors in 1982. Constant improvements in product quality have enabled us to continually meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. Organometallic compounds, which are water prohibiting and spontaneously ignitable, are Class 3 hazardous substances. The vast know¬-how we have accumulated has made us a leader in the strict safety controls required for the proper handling of these materials, which must be rigorously enforced at every stage from manufacturing to shipping. Moreover, the results of our R&D efforts are highly acclaimed. Over time, we have developed technology that reduces metallic impurities and oxygen content in organic silicon, and improves stable delivery rate in trimethylindium.

CAS No. Chemical Formula Abbreviation
Trimethylindium C3H9In EG-TMI
75-24-1 Trimethylaluminum C3H9Al EG-TMAL
557-20-0 Diethylzinc C4H10Zn PV-DEZ