Tosoh Finechem Corporation, a leading international manufacturer produces a wide array of basic building block chemicals based on our strategic position in organometallic and halogenated chemistries.

Alkyl aluminum is a polymerizing co-catalyst that is not only critical for the manufacture of plastics and synthetic rubbers-the cornerstones of everyday modern life but is also applicable to the production of polypropylene, medium-to-low pressure polyethylene, and polybutadiene rubber. The superior technology, extensive experience and constant innovation that Tosoh Finechem bring to bear, enables us to offer outstanding alkyl aluminum products fully compliant with rigorous standards of quality and safety. This is how we have been able to single-handedly corner the market for alkyl aluminum in Japan.

We not only the catalysts but also produce wide range of halogenated compounds based on chlorine and bromine which are manufactured from Tosoh’s fully-integrated “vinyl isocyanate chain.” Our products are used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, general chemical synthesis, paint manufacture, specialized rubbers, surfactant applications, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) manufacture, water purification, and various other industrial applications.