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Alkyl Aluminum Polymerization Catalysts Organic Intermediates Electonic Materials Company Profile
State of the art thinking
Balancing breakthrough R&D with custom synthesis
Tosoh Finechem has a simple philosophy: Give customers what they want. This requires not only being on the cusp of technology, but also making efforts to stay several steps ahead. Our results-oriented infrastructure allows us to do just that. We're acclaimed for the consistent quality-and ability to provide a reliable supply-of our core products: titanium trichloride, and alkyl aluminum. We're taking steps that will lead us to a future where electronic materials and organic intermediates are also integral to our lineup. We are dedicated to refining our proven ability to provide on-demand, customer-oriented order placement and product development, through the continual development and production of new products and catalysts.
What's New
News Release New Company will be established on Oct. 1,2017 - Unified 3 group companies
(Refer to Tosoh announcement)
News Release Termination of Dicalcium Phosphate operations
New product TMAO; New methylaluminoxans for metallocene polymerization
New Products Boronic acids
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